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02-20-2013, 02:11 PM
Looking at the stats for the Tor'Khat, just now, and playing around with the skills planner.

How viable would it be to run that ship without a sci slot?
I tend to run HE2 and TB1/TSS1/PH1 in my ltnt sci's, but with a cmdr+ens eng one could, I suppose, Run Aux2Sif3, EPtS1x2, RSP1 and Eng Team3 for heals.

That way you could run TT1 (doff-boosted), CRF1x2, THY1x2, APO1, APB1. That could be interesting, potentially... (disregarding the ET/TT-overlap; one could manually distribute/RSP for 15 secs, I guess)