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Ah well, I'm not opposed to bumping up the level of my Emergency to x. Just thinking if I am chaining TTs, then no real room for ET. Aside from RSP or DEM, which I suppose could just use the level 1 RSP, anything else really worthwhile? My logic on the RSP is simply that it would let me have higher ranks of power to weapons, and I just pop the RSP if I am getting beaten on.
Reason you hold onto the ET1 is because you won't always have aggro, and if you pick it up, just move your shields around manually and change the facing on your target. And I don't use RSP mostly because I can keep my shield power level high enough that it hardens them to the point where the regen and any EPtS3 is enough to make them quite hard to break. Also the RSF has the same CD as RSP. But if you want to use RSP as a second "OH #$%@" button, then go for it.

I am not saying it's bad, I just don't use it. But in all honesty, it's not a terribly efficient power. 2 minute CD, and it's an emergency use only power. Works great, not going to say otherwise, but it's too effective if you know what I mean. It works so well they felt the need to give it an insanely long cd, thus making it less effective overall.

Another downside is that it starts at LT level instead of ensign, which means you are taking up a slot for EPtX2 with it. The alterations on an ACR are subtle, but game-changing. It is a lot different mostly because you can't run an EPtW3 AND EPtS3 (a brutal combo), but instead gives you a LtCmdr tactical. It's those little things you gotta watch out for. A lot of people celebrate the reduction of it's engi focus, but they do so forgetting that the higher level engineering powers are actually very powerful. It's just the lower level ones that are... not that impressive.
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