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02-20-2013, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by twam View Post
Looking at the stats for the Tor'Khat, just now, and playing around with the skills planner.

How viable would it be to run that ship without a sci slot?
I tend to run HE2 and TB1/TSS1/PH1 in my ltnt sci's, but with a cmdr+ens eng one could, I suppose, Run Aux2Sif3, EPtS1x2, RSP1 and Eng Team3 for heals.

That way you could run TT1 (doff-boosted), CRF1x2, THY1x2, APO1, APB1. That could be interesting, potentially... (disregarding the ET/TT-overlap; one could manually distribute/RSP for 15 secs, I guess)
IMHO, if you consider a ship without a sci ability you are already dead.
Lotsa good stuff not on shared cooldown