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02-20-2013, 03:40 PM
Lately there seems to be a new tactics in KASE - I call it "To hell with the teamwork" tactics.

When you spread 3 to 2, we kill the first two probes and then we start blowing the transformers. The moment we blow two of the four little things, a cube appears of course. What happens next is interesting - the team mates (1 or 2 of them, usually doing below 2500 DPS) run behind the transformer, ignoring the cube and probes...or dive below it at the border of their weapons range, instead of helping killing the cube faster. For me this is just annoying, but for the better part of the player base, it means failed optional, because the probe guardian needs to kill the cube in the meantime, and most of you know how rare it is to have a 6-8k DPS player on the team, anything above I see once a blue moon. A cruiser can do the job, but let me tell you - it ain't easy - I used to do it a while ago in my star cruiser, and it really made me sweat. And it takes time.
Aaaand I bet you can guess what ship the captain that inspired my anger was in - a 3 pack 2500 zen one

Just venting, thank you for reading.