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Tribble Notes:

This should placate the masses while directing attention away from all the other problems eh?

I hope everyone's not falling for this...
Not me. This thread helped to identify several ROOT-LEVEL problems with the direction STO is being taken. The Trigger issue is being addressed, so we can check Fleet Marks off the list of resultant issues.

It would seem to me that what needs to be done is build a list of the remaining issue, posting it somewhere that Cryptic cannot merely move and burry. Probably off-site. I have access to unlimited storage space and will be willing to dedicate some time and effort to using it to help maintain an unbiased and factual coverage of our efforts and Cryptic's efforts in resolving the issues. This will not be a "We hate Cryptic" endeavor, and I will not assist in anything that attempts to be that. I will help compile a set of informative resources that can be used by both this community and by Cryptic if they so choose. Issues will be removed from the compilation as they are resolved.

I will be interested in only confirmable issues and solitions. I will refrain from making my own theoretical assumptions as well.

Would this offer of assistance be of use? PM me if interested.
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