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Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
Well, yes and no.

It's not necessarily wrong to expect a community to police itself when something is clearly broken. The accusation made by the devs was entirely correct, considering that we failed to display any sort of gaming morality.

None of that excuses the heart of that problem, of course - they put in something they knew was bad, instead of waiting for scaling rewards tech like they have now. I'm just saying, it was obviously an exploit. Getting offended because the devs called it what it was, when we knew what we were doing was clearly broken, is kinda hypocritical.
it wasn't an exploit it was a fix to the a problem the developers created by instituting an unbalanced fleet marks economy where there was not enough supply available over the time spent having to grind said supply in order to meet the demands of the new inputs in Season 7.

The result was the community fixes the imbalance. An exploit is about gaining an unfair advantage over other players, this was about gaining the ability to participate at the most basic level in the fleet system without burning yourself out on horrible content.

The players weren't doing anything wrong and indeed I very much doubt the imbalance would've existed if Cryptic had a functioning Q&A department or actually utilized the Tribble Test server as they should have for a prolonged period.

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