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02-20-2013, 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
Given that this thread hasn't really achieved anything, starting up another one would rather seem to be a waste of everyone's time and energy.

I'm still quite disgusted by the manner in which this has been handled and intend to continue to peacefully protest Cryptic/PWE's inept handling of this IP. It certainly hasn't done anything to make me reconsider investing any money in STO.

I still believe a window of opportunity exists to turns things around, but Stahl has made it painfully clear that the opinions of his customers are irrelevant. Any moves made to resolve this situation are going to have to come purely from the players.
I disagree, I think this thread has run it's course. However, I also feel that the other concerns raised here about the state of the game should be addressed by the dev's and Branflakes. We all know they have been keeping track of this thread and the concerns and opinions raised here.

Therefore, I would like to invite the dev's and Branflakes to make a summary of this thread and the concerns and opinions raised here, and use that to make a starting post for a new thread regarding the state of the game and the course it's players and the team at Cryptic wish it to go. I also would like to invite everyone at Cryptic/PWE to partake in that thread and share their views with us. The only way to resolve the issues raised here, a lot of which revolves around the team at Cryptic being out of touch with the community or being perceived in that way, is to open a dialogue.

We don't need another discussion, we need an open and transparant dialogue between the team at Cryptic and all of those in the community that wish to partake.
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Expressing my opinion isn't trolling but nice try. Besides, if I was you wouldn't know it ;P