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02-20-2013, 03:32 PM
I don't see how Borg would be playable as a faction since they are hostile with everyone, there's no way they would fit with existing game economies so they would have to have an infrastructure completely unique to them which would be a lot more work than completing KDF and adding Romulans. That said an off-shoot Liberated Borg faction or even a Rogue Collective that isn't driven to assimilate everything that moves might be doable.
Undine are maybe a bit too insular and since in this game they are hostile with everyone we end up with the same problems as the Borg.
Tholians would make for a fun faction simply because they are so alien, along with the Undine they are the only 2 species that aren't "humans in a rubber suit" type aliens, but unlike the Undine they do have ambassadors and some form of trade with other factions even while being openly hostile over territory.
The Dominion would be the one that gets my vote as a fourth playable faction, of all the alternatives they have an empire that rivals the power of the big 3.

All that aside, putting some meat and skin on the KDF bones should be a priority before looking for new factions, if the KDF is left incomplete it doesn't bode well for any other new faction thrown into the mix.