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02-20-2013, 03:39 PM
Honestly, this whole chain of events has me baffled.

a) Cryptic removes Fleet Marks from Foundry Missions because of 'AFK exploiters'.

b) Dan states that by his metrics, Fleets are hurting for Dilithium, not Fleet Marks.

c) Cryptic leaves in Dilithium rewards for Foundry missions which remain exploitable by 'AFK exploiters'

d) Dan says he want Fleet Marks as rewards for 'Fleet Play' (with no real justification why).

e) Fleet Marks are reinstated into various 'Fleet' Actions, PvP etc.

Now, the additional Fleet Marks are a good thing, but the scaled reward nature of these events is still horrible - and if I'm honest (PvP aside) the only one of those options I find remotely engaging is Mine Trap, which (since it's possible to be teamed with a truly dismal team) can reward single-figure FM rewards.

This thing takes what? 20 minutes to play? And I'm still looking at a likely pay-out of 35-40 FMs for doing it?

Why would you want to ration FMs? Is it really to screw over the small Fleets? It just feels so much like that's the plan here.
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