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02-20-2013, 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Not really.

But I did get so tired of the bug today I bought all 3 omega set pieces so I could dismiss that notion.

Nothing happend. The criteria for my 2 missing accolades are met, yet though they don't unlock.

Don't know, speechless as this point... thanks for saving me "60 % time".

You know including having to go through the rep system I would have had the full optional set in end november so clock is ticking we coming up on half a year of sitting around waiting and royally wasting time.

How can you even make up for it at this point I don't know but on the other hand I am pure f2p so fair trade I guess.
I dont know send another email the other week to Stahl, Not sure if he recieved it or reviewed it. But im starting to think they just gave up on this content and moved on the the may content which will just be as majorly bugged as some of the stuff going around now. Thats life of an mmo that is f2p i suppose.

Not to impressed how the first beta for NW was either. : /