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02-20-2013, 04:27 PM
Your right MT... if all you do is choose to shoot at people with 80+ defense all day ACC weapons are much better for pure numbers.... Still not spike dmg though... CrtH will still provide more spike on those targets when there buffs are down... which is the only time anyone dies anyway.

My view of ACCx3 is they are the lazy players weapons. No offense... your good because you are not a lazy target selector... honestly I think you would be more deadly if you ran Crthx3... or Acc Crthx2.... over a few matches of parsing data sure the total amount of dmg off the accx3 might be higher... but I bet the matches with the CrtH cannons will be much shorter.

Really there are 5 targets on the field... WHY are people so intent on staying on the escort with omega and evasive up ? Granted almost everyone in a good premade will have there defense up nice and high at almost all times... but for those few precious seconds when someone gets nuked / and hit with a tractor or a VM ect.... The CrtH cannons will end them in a volley.... having said that some people are fans of CrtD in those situations as well... my math says any extra crit is the best way to go, but I think at the end of the day when someone is debuffed CrtH isn't likely a ton better then the CrtD. Still its what I have ran for a long time... and anyone I have convinced to try a set of CrtHs have not dropped them. I think we all pay to much attention to raw parser numbers... there is no way to really tell from the parser data When that dmg is occuring.... hmmm that makes me think... Perhaps I need to take a log file and feed it into a spread sheet... and just track the string data, find out how often I get strings of crits with the 3 different mods.... perhaps if I have the energy this week I'll take the time to do that.

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