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02-20-2013, 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by twam View Post
Looking at the stats for the Tor'Khat, just now, and playing around with the skills planner.

How viable would it be to run that ship without a sci slot?
I tend to run HE2 and TB1/TSS1/PH1 in my ltnt sci's, but with a cmdr+ens eng one could, I suppose, Run Aux2Sif3, EPtS1x2, RSP1 and Eng Team3 for heals.

That way you could run TT1 (doff-boosted), CRF1x2, THY1x2, APO1, APB1. That could be interesting, potentially... (disregarding the ET/TT-overlap; one could manually distribute/RSP for 15 secs, I guess)
I got the Tor'Kaht a couple days ago and now I fly nothing else. It is truly a nasty machine that can dish out the dmg and take it on the chin as well. I had my fastest Infected Conduit Elite run the other day, 12 mins left on the clock. The lineup was 2 Tor'khat cruisers, 2 Fed cruisers, and 1 Fed flying a Jem Dreadnaught Carrier. The 2 Tor'khat's, I was in one of them, were what caused all the destruction. We literally mowed down anything in our path. At the end the Fed in the Jem Dread took credit for our quick finish, this was the same guy who spent most of the match respawning. Anyway I reccomend this ship to those who like unleashing utter destruction on the enemy, the only fault I found with it was the brakes are a bit soft so start stopping well before you normally would. The first time I flew one I went charging in at a cube at full impulse and before I could get stopped I was face to face with it, which wasn't really a big deal in this ship since I could dish it out better than the cube could.

Another Fleet ship you could try is the Fleet Scrouge Destroyer, a really fast ship with decent wep power, +10 to engines and weps. It has a pretty good turn rate as well, a rating of 17.