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02-20-2013, 05:37 PM
Well the Andorian shippy has certainly upped the Ante. Been a big raspberry in the face of all the nerf-brigade. LOL

True the ship is offset by weak boffs and protection. Nevertheless in a skilled player that wont be a handicap the 5 forward gun slots/ tac consoles will wreak havoc. Unless players really know how to tool up their ships to the max there will be a lot of ragers out there soon. More than ever people will need to know how their ships work to counter the changes.

The thing is in a recent blog (can't remember which one) they said this is just the beginning. More ships will be coming with more weapon slots, possibly side on slots too.

Imagine a possible Rom faction in May. A D'deridex with 5 forward gun slots, a Scimitar with seven!? Sci oriented faction with big forward weapons and big shields. Oh myyyyyyyy! (Possibly offset with the fact they turn like house bricks and weak hulls.) Revamped Oddessy/ Galaxy with one or even 2 side slots limited to single beams/ cannon. WOW.

Get ready for a surprise! I can't wait!
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