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Originally Posted by xlocutusofborgx View Post
I still cant grasp why everyone keeps worrying or discussijng other factions when this game cant hold 2 stable factions (my personal view)... i mean, shake your head and wake up.

Lets find ways to fix the 2nd before even thinking of a third and forth lol.
Couldn't agree more.

Two finished factions is better than three which are not.

Romulans should come next after that. I woulnd't mind seeing Cardassians and Romulans unified, personally. The Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar do/did seem to share plenty in common. Even if it didn't work out so well that one time where they had a little boo boo in the Umari Nebula.

Beyond that... I don't see Borg working on the same formula everyone else so far does. The Borg just aren't like everyone else. I could actually see Borg as the pay-only faction (and as a free player, I have no issue with a "veterans/pay only" faction so long as the rest of the game operates as is) and I think they'd draw the most $$$ as such, with a totally different style of play built more around only being able to gain upgrades though assimilating things. Hard to explain without this becoming like 10 paragraphs long but it would have to be a different sort of game mechanic entirely for me to feel like I was "really playing like Borg".

Dominion might be nice but most of their ships are out there already. And how do you have Founders who still obey all the "rules" of ground maps? Tricky to make them playable and fun but not game-breaking.

I wouldn't mind seeing Tholians. In fact an entire faction of non-humanoids. The TV shows could never develop non-humanoids very much because of obvious budgetary concerns, but in a video game format it seems like there could be room for fun here. Walking flavor crystals, blobs, evil puddles, tentacles, evil peanut monsters that ate Geordi's dog, and balls of energy unite.

But first get the two factions to where the designers are satisfied. Then worry about all that.

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