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02-20-2013, 05:54 PM
Originally Posted by rooster75 View Post
I don't understand the 'opportunity cost' theory with siphon drones either? Yeah, I get that plas leech takes up a console slot but Siphon Drones don't, however. So there is no opportunity cost, in fact, for Siphon Drones because they are hanger pets which is a totally different animal than a console. It's hard for me to dismiss the effectiveness of drones compared to any of their counterparts mountable on the Vo'Quv anyway. I fail to see how it's an opportunity cost given such limited choices for what's actually decent that can be substituted on a Vo'Quv.

Sorry, again working from memory I think the idea was that you give up "damage" pets to be able to slot siphons.

Except, as anyone realizes, no one is slotting pets for their pitiful damage in PvP.