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02-20-2013, 05:07 PM
That's my main concern really. When I'm on my Tac and I know there's a cloaker around, I hang around back and wait for them to uncloak and get ready. That's when I suppressing fire and blast them with a quick attack.

From my own past experiences with the operative kit, I've needed Target Optics and Fire On My Mark to overcome defenses people had due to their armour, even with a crit flank shot. When I had to apply these two, that gave the defending team ample time to shut me down.

With the cryo, you don't even need Fire On My Mark or Target Optics. You just need to prebuff and then derp all over your 2 key and your opponent is dead. I can't suppressing fire that, or prebuff on my science or engineer. I can at least do that for people who have standard energy pulsewaves or who run any other kit/energy pulsewave.
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