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02-20-2013, 07:45 PM
It's not recommended in any other than advanced uses, Boarding Party is broken in few ways atm, how Boarding Party works, is that the shutles board the ship, (you can remove them with a Tactical Team and every ship should carry one) then they will start draining your crew, after few seconds one or two or three boarding parties will "proc" and they will start disabling subsystems and skill timers, they can be only removed with a Engineering Team, that's how they basically work. I think they could be effective if you get somebody to start a Subnuke cycle on target to get rid of the Tactical Team so your boarding parties have time to "proc", after that, hopefully your boarding parties will keep the tactical team on cooldown.

There are 3 different Doffs that boost boarding parties, One that gives chance to give a point defence system to your boarding parties, I think they are nice, but they draw aggro in pve which is not too good since they still have 1 health... Second doff is the one that reduces cooldown of your boarding parties and hangar, on use of any of those. Third doff gives chance to launch 3 extra shutles.

About the bugs, which ones highly disturb and sadden me..

Bug number one. Example: your ship has 300/2000 crew. When you use boarding party, it will not launch any shutles even tho your boarding party has enough crew to launch, this means that when your crew is percentually low, your boarding party will not work. It will use casting animation and it will also put the skill to cooldown. I haven't tested if it actually consumes your crew too.

Bug number two. This bug is with the Boarding Party Duty officers, which launch extra boarding party shuttles, 3 per doff, with a 33% chance to do so. You can have max 3 of these which I do have in my Boarding Party ship(I want my money back). How these Doffs are broken, is that they simply launch a random amount of shuttles(4, 5, 6, 7) instead of a fixed amount, they won't allow me to launch 12 boarding party shuttles just because it should be so, 3 or 6 or 9 or 12 is what it should be.
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