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Lol sounds like it
*OOC: 2 or 3 are but the rest my god.. Worthless. Ugh ok back to this.*

*Assassin is on Sarah's vessel with the help from someone on the inside.. and his benefactor.*

Danny: *Sticking to the shadows on the ship in the engineering jefferies tubes. *

Ok where is the thing... *crawls by the tube he wants* Oh my... There it is.

*He slips down and finds the appropriate cords and essential systems.. the core of the main computer..*

*Slipping his signature explosive a special bomb.. all ways of removal will cause detonation..*

*Once done he leaves and sets it as it starts ticking down and flows forth like nanites different than anything seen before. When he arrives to the small vessel attached to the hull..and departs and heads into warp.. While the bomb goes off causing the ship to come to a complete halt.*

*on the vessel he receives a call from the Baron... *

Baron: Has the vessel been stopped in its tracks?

Danny: Yes it has.. They are essentially dead in space.. Like someone told me once the more they gum up the works the easier it is to stop up the drain..

Baron: Good.. I have been ordered by Congress to come to Birkin and influence the Romulans and the Gorn to dispose of all those pesky Vanguard and Federation interlopers. Did you find the technology on the planet?

Danny: Yes I did.. The Romulan ship is scuttled the Romulans around the camp are dead.. Their technology is in the hold.

Baron: Good I guess my other project is in progress.

Danny: Yes it is, and the other is about to start..

Baron: Good the next shipment is about to start. I will enjoy watching the fodder kill each other for survival.

*The warships begin launching cargo bits onto the planet all food with something special in it. Then weapons as well.*