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# 1 AFK in pvp! Greifing!
02-20-2013, 07:17 PM
I have played this game since launch, and I am sad. The ground pvp community is immature and unstable. They afk as many matches as they can and often, in an assault match, will pick up the virus then afk to greif their own team or not run the virus at all and spawn camp the 50 kill count out! We need some kind of defense against these kinds of behavior that is making me loose intrest in the game. Pvp is the best part of this game since it lacks WoW-like raids. And now you want to add fleet marks to the pvp missions! Do you know how many people will be afk/greifing now? I won't be able to Q. It's becomming depressing. I love Star Trek. Please respond with some kind of news to sooth my soul. I sobered up about a year ago and Star Trek has been my life since. Please give me some kind of news to make me feel batter about it.