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So, in watching some clips regarding Jazia and Ezri, it seems the answer to my question is...It's complicated. Should make for an interesting (if long) entry here.
According to the canon, the minds of the symbiont and host operate like networked computers. In the TNG episode, the Odan symbiont seemed to completely dominate the personalities of the host bodies, never changing, regardless of which 'meat suit' it was wearing. Ezri is an anomaly compared to Jadzia, in that she had not been trained to accomodate the new memories from Dax, so she got more confused as to who she actually was. Equally, this also allowed her to interact more with the memories of Joran Dax, like an independant internal monologue, in a way which Jadzia was never able to do. I kept the Trill first officer of the Endeavour unjoined to avoid this very issue