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# 18 Lag trek the final laggeer
02-20-2013, 08:25 PM
Yup still a lagging game atm pity really, dilith and refining it is the issue and the Devs know it. They will not make it to easy to refine in the future I mean 8k a day maybe a little more but still. I mean I have a small fortune of useless dilithium but only 8 k is really worth anything in one 24 hour period. Yup you Devs were right there is more useless dilithium to be made but only 8 k is useful 8 friggen k. I know most of you do not see other players game issues and prob do not care, but i must state that PWE is way behind the 8 ball on service. The ticket system is not great and no one responds. I do hope you guys can sort it but I am not wasting anymore time on this game, server stability is my main gripe LAGGING post Dec 7th has gotten worse and now unplayable. Whats the point being fleet leader and not being able to play. I really do think we who are not Europe and the USA get a lot less help. So Enjoy your ranking up people cause after you hit the top, the game tends to lack any true playable meaning and is boring. I hear this a lot so much it does my head in, no new real star trek content, just what I call BS content (New PVE missions) Where are the real spell binding stories and battles? Why the heck does Q come back and why do the space battles seem 1 dimensional? I mean LOL most pve for me are so easy and lacks a real need for tactics.
Boom few cannon salvos an ability here and there and shes is dead woo hoo. Lol that bc that cloaks and dies from a single salvo yeaaa peace all trekkers hope you do not get any issues in the future all the best