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02-20-2013, 07:42 PM
PvP has always been an inherently fleet-friendly activity. As early as Closed Beta, there were entire fleets forming for the express purpose of PvP, and many of the best PvPers in the game got that way because they had strong support from many friends gathered together to discuss strategy and tactics.

Cryptic's also had a long history of wanting to provide reasons for non-PvPers to give it a try. If you want challenge to come from something other than just more HP and higher DPS from the enemy, there's nothing that can compare.

Adding more Fleet Marks to PvP is a no-brainer; they just need to make sure it doesn't add more AFKers. However, fleet-based PvPing is a good cure for AFKers; you're grouping with people you know. Assuming the whole fleet isn't there to AFK...