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02-20-2013, 10:19 PM
I really like the changes and fixes in the patch, except for Azure Nebula. Azure Nebula is the only quick 5 man space mission for romulan marks in the ques, it needs to give more rom marks not fleet ones imo.

Anyways, this will really get me pumped for the 5 man starbase defense mission, it's my favorite one in the game and I really appreciate the buff.
The Somraw, K'tinga, D'Kyr, D7, Kumari, Xindi carrier, Xindi escort, and the T'Varo are all older than the Constitution Refit and yet they are tier 5. The Constellation is made up primarily of Connie refit parts and it is tier 5, there is no logical reason whatsoever for the no tier 5/6 connie rule.