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02-20-2013, 09:24 PM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
While this comment can be appreciated for pointing out that Dilithium was intended to cut down on currencies, we do not view Fleet Marks in this way.

One of our primary goals in reducing currencies was in reducing the types of currencies needed to purchase gear - so that gear could have standardized pricing no matter where it comes from.

Marks could have been a progress bar, but we felt it was more interesting if instead of a progress bar generically ticking up, it was points that you could spend where you see fit.

It doesn't refute the initial complaint about currencies, but it does illustrate that Marks are designed to represent effort against specific obstacles. It is part of a reputation system design that you earn reputation with a faction by doing things they like to do. That reputation is quite often literally just a number. Games find different ways to display this number. Sometimes it is a heart. Sometimes it is a progress bar. In STO it is a value that you assign.

We aren't above changing it or altering the design to be more asthetically pleasing, but the point of reputation system is to gain rep by doing things a faction wants you to do - which in most cases is a story or fictional based type of gameplay meant to represent your skill versus specific challenges.

If we were to make Marks universal, then we wouldn't have a reputation system and instead more like another form of skillpoints (which isn't a bad idea either).

However, STO is a story based game and so we will continue to use Reputation to represent a player's skill against specific challenges. This will become the basis of new and interesting challenges in Seasons to come and is part of our overall end game design.
I would agree with you, but seeing as Marks are used to purchase gear, this description kind of falls apart.

But... seeing as there isn't much point to marks outside of dilithium once you reach T5 reputation I can see the point to using them as currency. So I think it would go over better if only the endgame sets used marks and the Mk X-XI gear did not.