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Originally Posted by twam View Post
Oh, I know - I like my sci skills a lot, both the heal/resists and the cc/debuffs.

It was more of a thought experiment - thinking out of the box, like.
Getting a tac layout like that on a battlecruiser with 4 tac consoles, well, it intrigued me.
Yep, gotta run a LT sci BOFF in the universal slot, sci team and hazar emitters for me there.
for LtC TAC its TT,fire at will, and CRF-II in the top slot. running 4 xdisrup Turrets in back, 3 Disr DHC forward with the qual disruptor cannon. I'll eventually load it up with mk XII Disrptor DHC's [Acc] [Dmg]x3 from the fleet store along with turrets to match. I don't bother with torps. I'd rather spend the points on my character build where they'll enhance overall ship survivability.

But then my main is a SCI captain, that does not have a Klingon Science ship availible..((Kdf yes, from the c-store, Klingon no, its an allied ship...unless I want to fly a carrier..and I don't))
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