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02-20-2013, 11:19 PM
Well, it was a week late, but thank you. As do my fleetmates. Now if we could just make the gameplay more dynamic... I hate the fact that I know every enemy, every map, every time. Is there not a way to make the enemies a bit smarter? Not just stronger? Hive Onslaught Elite, it's the only space STF I find even remotely challenging... But It's not, it's just overkill. As a friend of mine said... "It's six tac cubes, two unimatrixis, and the borg queen... All set to the backdrop of a timer while you try not to die." And get rid of the Houston, all that idiotic thing does is aggro everything on the map. Who thought THAT was a good idea? If there were friendly fire I'd subnuc it and let it die in the middle of all six cubes while it's FAW'ing it's little heart out.


Now there's an idea, then we could frag afk'ers... But that really wouldn't solve the problem, they'd still get their marks, however it sure would make me feel better. I'm curious, does anyone even read the reports we submit on those jerks?

Anyway, I do appreciate you listening to us and upping the fleet marks. And please, for the love of the gods, no more ninja nerfing. Talk to us, ask us what we need... What we like.. What we dislike... Let us help you make this game awesome and avoid any future "misunderstandings". Now, let's get on that dilithium refining cap problem... Shall we? ;-)