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02-20-2013, 11:34 PM
Originally Posted by vegeta50024 View Post
Technically, the only marks that we actually use to buy stuff are the marks used to unlock stuff in the omega and romulan reputations, respectively.

Fleet marks on the other hand are converted from marks to credits, which we do use to buy gear.
I will say that my preference there would be to eliminate the marks from those activities and have a two fold system.

1) Timed projects, which directly award rep but take 19+ hours.

2) Repeatable activities. (And I'd favor bringing New Romulus activities around to being endlessly repeatable but provide fewer rewards after the first time you do them each day.)

Say you currently get 5000 Romulan rep a week for 200 marks and 2 hours spent doing Romulan activities and 300k EC in commodities. (Just a guess.)

So why not just cut the marks from the projects, cut their rep rewards by 50% and make the first two hours worth of activities on NR award 300 rep per 15 minute mission and then award 5 rep a piece after you've earned 2500 in rep from missions for the week?

I'm a bigger fan of direct rep, I guess.

From there, I'd probably make the only pre-req for rep projects be getting the reputation needed and spending the dilithium/EC/commodities but maybe have some sort of "free rep item token" drop in STFs or New Romulus as appropriate to keep people going back.

It's funny to me though how people refer to NR as a grind when there's no real incentive to farm it. You do your dailies but there's no point after that.