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02-21-2013, 12:04 AM
Originally Posted by ztempest View Post
Maybe it is just me...but to me these new Fed escorts look somewhat like modified KDF vessels -- almost a cross between a Raptor and a BoP. be honest...these do not look remotely like "Starfleet."
They aren't. That's why they'll have the IGV & IGS prefixes availible to them.
So the next time Franklin Drake pays me a visit, he'll be wellcomed into the interrogation chamber of the Andorian Mining Consortium muhahaha

Oh and yes, not talking cannon, but STO in particular - the KDF raptors we have have many elements borrowed and inspired from the original Andorian Kumari Battlecruiser. So it's not a Klingony ship, it's a modern remake of an older design.
Because true Starfleet Captains command Exploration Cruisers!
Thank you Cryptic for finally giving me MY SHIP!!!