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Proposition:nerf advanced danubes as hard as siphon drones are now

Siphon drones were capped so they have a limit on how much they drain a ship

I think it would be fair to make the same thing to danubes (simple or advanced) so they can't stop you anymore ,just slow you to .25 % of maximum speed .

I got killed by federation teams running a armitage/vesta with danubes

Danubes tractor me ,i use evasive ,got tractored by the ship ,i use apo ,got vm /scramble sensors/ams and many times by this time my ship is blown.

Another ugly thing about them that they stay even if the ship which launched them is gone
Sometime I try to capture a point in C&H and I have to fight with danubes while the vesta who launched them is capturing other point.And danubes can't be killed easily unfortunately.

If things won't change no problem I will adapt but i think that it would be fair that danubes have a speed cap limit just as siphon drones have for a long time .