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02-21-2013, 12:48 AM
Fleet kar'fi carrier would be nice... The kar'fi is good, it has some special abilities, a console, special pets... but the hp/shield aint that very nice... when compared to some fleet ships like fleet vor'cha, and lol, fleet somraw raptor has the same hull as kar'fi O.o . Also kar'fi only has 9 consoles...

A lot of other ships got theyr fleet version... why kar'fi doesnt ?

making the comm tac and the ltcomm sci looks nice, but wouldnt it be op ? leave the stations like they are... just more hull, shield and a console, it can be eng

**cryptic : dont you want to pick the kar'fi, add a console, hull and even some shield mod to that ship... its fast, and receive lots of money ?**

I vote for fleet kar'fi ! i WANT it and klingon defence force NEED it !