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02-21-2013, 01:49 AM
Indeed this game was far far better before all the pet crap.

Yes the klinks had a carrier... but it was slow turned/turns like a bus with a blown clutch... and the pets it could slot (not counting the Pods which where always a bit messed up) where dps pets but didn't have stupid tractors or drop tric mines... or aceton you... or do any of the other annoying things we see pets doing now.... I am sure next lock box ship will get pets that eject warp plasma, or VM or both... I can see it now Romulan T'liss Class pets, with Plasma VM and rapid firing dhc.

To the ops point though... ya Danubes are a joke and so are the people that run them just like the klinks that used to run broken siphens where laughing stocks. Cryptic has already fixed it once and made it worse... it would have been nice if perhaps someone was at least thinking about future pvp balance when they decide what toys to give pets.
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