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02-21-2013, 02:15 AM
I have never heard the double-cursor effect, save for when you have your computer set to use one. Even then, it is only mouse trails. That does not sound like what you are experiencing though.

EDIT: No wait, I have. I had it once a long time ago, albeit very briefly. I cannot seem to recall how I fixed it though....

I doubt that even if they set the entire team to working on only Bug Fixes that all of the Bugs could ever be removed. The act of fixing Bugs creates Bugs as an unintentional side-effect. such is the way of programming.

I agree that the invisi-torps are annoying. I hope to once catch one with Vesta's kinetic reflector. I am curious if it would work. Plus, the Cubes deserve to occasionally reap what they sow.

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