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02-21-2013, 02:40 AM
Originally Posted by coldicephoenix View Post
I know I know, theres a zillion of these threads already... but one can dream and wish for it now cant we?
I wish for...
1) A Leathean Cruiser/Escort
2) A Ferasan carrier for my ferasan sci capn
3) A playable giant Gorn so the puny humans can tremble at my awesomeness
4) KVort BoP
5) More pvp zones
6) Ability to queue in public stfs with KDF only for borg/romulan stfs (hey, ever been in a bad KDF-majority stf?.. didnt think so :p )

7)... add your own!
1- Me likies that idea
2- Geko said he wants that to counter the Atrox for the KDF - will be more Tactical based (like the Vo'Quv I think) - is coming basically
3- Haha! I'm with you there
4- Been asking for this for 9 months already... no word
5- Agreed
6- Last time that happened, almost no KDF players got a chance to do the old STF's, so it's not the greatest idea in the world

Originally Posted by nandospc View Post
A Fleet Guramba
Geko also said that is coming in his interview. So it is going to happen
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