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02-21-2013, 02:32 AM
Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
I think they should fix the Galaxy, I'd probably fly it if they did... but I think the layout you suggested at the end of your post would be better suited to the Galaxy Dreadnaught.

I think if you replace the swap the Lt Sci and the LtC Tac in yours it would suit the galaxy more and make it a good tank and heal ship and then give your original lay out to the Galaxy-X and make it a good ship with the lance.
The gal x needs at least 4 tac consoles so it is a dreadnought and not what my bop like to call "dreadnouful... pop"

I like that setup the extra firepower would be nice, however i think a bump in turn rate wouldn't be too much to ask to be honest

I fly my galaxy dragon style(125 weapon and shield power) with a tac officer and although I can do my job in ESTF's and do plenty of dps to get any job done(neghvars,cubes,tac cubes,gates,donatra) it's always a chew on getting mobile

But I persevere due to the fact when this thing is firing phasers it just personifys Star Trek sad i know but I have all my kilnks to actually play the game properly(pvp and such)

But this will just fall on deaf ears because as we know nothing gets fixed around here just new stuff added which is a shame as the old girl needs some help
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