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02-21-2013, 03:18 AM
Originally Posted by coldicephoenix View Post
I know I know, theres a zillion of these threads already... but one can dream and wish for it now cant we?
I wish for...
1) A Leathean Cruiser/Escort
2) A Ferasan carrier for my ferasan sci capn
3) A playable giant Gorn so the puny humans can tremble at my awesomeness
4) KVort BoP
5) More pvp zones
6) Ability to queue in public stfs with KDF only for borg/romulan stfs (hey, ever been in a bad KDF-majority stf?.. didnt think so :p )

7)... add your own!
1- Agreed
2- Agreed again, as long as it has a minimum of 7 base more whale carriers/cruisers!
3- You can already get your Gorn as the Ra'wiq or Hodoch by pumping every slider to max; any bigger and they won't be able to fit through doorways
4- This should've been the KDF counterpart vessel to the Ambassador for the 3rd anniversary, not some fanon ship no one's ever heard of before Feb. 1st
5- Agreed the third
6- Do not agree; there aren't enough KDF players yet to make that a feasible option, and there are also just as many window-licking KDF players as there are fed players
7- To quote B'vat, Glorious, endless war and strife with the least until the Iconians finally show up and proceed to utterly massacre everything in sight