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02-21-2013, 03:24 AM
I've never liked pets at all, period. I never thought the KDF should have had carriers to begin with, and I can't imagine Starfleet sending out scores of disposable pilots to die in 3 seconds flat when they could have their big, well-protected cruisers do the job.

I put up with them though, because there are ways to deal with them, and lots of people love their PvE too much to go anywhere without scores of NPCs.

Danubes are especially bad though. The problem is that character control has very little effect in PvE, but is crippling in PvP. That means that in order for CC to seem useful in PvE, it needs to be overpowered in PvP.

The thing that sucks with the Danubes is that when they do their thing, they make things too easy.

I like the Vesta, but I actually kind of wish that it didn't have a hangar. It doesn't need one, and with it there I'm tempted to use it.

The other pet I'd love to see gone is the aceton assimilator. It doesn't despawn properly, and not every ship even has kinetic damage weapons, so it can't always be killed. To make things worse, it actually protects other spam from being killed with CSV or FAW, and at the time it was added the KDF was specifically a PvP faction, so Cryptic actually meant to do something stupid for PvP purposes.