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02-21-2013, 04:40 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
They were already nerfed several times. Will you guys only be happy when the Dunbes never achieve anything with their tractor beams?

Wouldn't it be at least fair if you included what your preferred captain and ship classes are, so that everybody can see where you are coming from?
Oizys - Tactical - Jem / Marauder / Fleet Escort retro / Sci Vessel Refit
Pascal Vigo - Tactical - Galor / Fleet Defiant / Fleet Escort retro / Intrepid
Skatha - Engi - Recluse / Galor / A Cruiser / Excel / Fleet Escort retro
Hadrian - Science - Wells time ship / Deep Space Sci retro / Fleet Es / Defiant
Qaw - Tactical / Fleet Defiant / Fleet Escort Retro / Sci Vessel Refit
Morigan -Science - Armitage / Recon refit
Ankt - Tactical - Destroyer / Mvam / Fleet Escort Retro

Qaw'Zel - Tactical - Fleet Norg bop
Qaw'Soh - Tactical - Fleet B'rel
Qaw'Chah - Science - Fleet B'rel / Time Ship
Qaw'Sopta - Tactical - Fleet Vorcha
Qaw'Zen - Science - Varnus Sci ship
Qaw'hos - Engi - Fleet katinga
Qaw'Aja - tactical - Fleet Scourge
Qaw'hock - Engi - Kar'fi Carrier
Qaw'rel - Tactical - Somrow Raptor

Ok Sophie do I pass your test or am I just another escort jock. lol
I have flown almost every ship thats a list of the ones I have ready to go / have equipped right now. I use multiple carrier ships both sides... and although I don't really like the pet idea in general and wish it was limited to the Klink Vo'que only ever.... I can live with standard dmg pets... self buffs like rapid fires and high yield patters are one thing...

Pets that toss Skills are complete and utter junk. and should ALL be re designed imo. Tractors on pets where a TERRIBLE idea... as was pets that drop tric mines.
As far as I'm concerned they all need a once over... and things like tractor beams need to be replaced with pet self buff abilities. Even the old MVAM pets that tossed delta patterns around where not as game breaking as pets spamming more spam and pets spamming stupid things like tractors and acetons.
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