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Exactly I can load a polarized hull and an omega and completely walk through a sci ship with 2 tractor beams... because I can clearly see when his buff is up and when its not... and SHOCKING revelation the cool downs on the abilities and the cool downs on there counters JIVE... you can infact counter ever time.

Dannoobs not so much they don't have cool downs they just tractor and tractor like the dumb AI they are... they are not balanced against the counters. I can't use skill to time a counter... they are lazy always on tractor boats. That take 100% 0 skill to use. Can they be countered sure... I don't die to danube morons... unless I am fighting multiple danube morons. However they are no fun to counter because there is no skill involved.... your right ... I stop break my well designed build and install a polarized hull with my omega + doff setup to be immune 100% instead of using my own personal skill to NOT have to run a ZERO skill build with 100% resist up time to counter.

For the record this thread started about dannoob fighters... but its true of any of the pets that have sci/engi cast abilities... pets shouldn't be firing Aceton at a rate = 3x that of what a cruiser can do... Seriously think about it a karfi loads an aceton they can fire it once every 1:30... the pets just spam it... If aceton wasn't laughable it would be more of an issue.

The way I see NO pets should drop more spam (mines of any kind)... or fire off abilities that SHOULD be on a players ability bar....

Cryptic was able to ADD a Special skill button to the pet interface... that would allow the PLAYER to cast the ability (not the AI)... the abilities would have cool downs (LONGER Then player boff skills I mean come on here there pets)... and the cool downs would not reset by just launching new fighters. At that point I would be fine with pets with a player controled tractor beam on a 2min cool down... or an Aceton on the same... heck they could even add real dmg pets that cast Attack patterns ect.... BUT on longer cool downs then boff skills.

.... Thinking about it. They did go half way there with the recluse... the recluse pets work in tandum with the recluse console... allowing the pet ability to work as a player skill... (and frankly having some opportunity cost as you can run those pets with out the skill by loosing the console)

What if ALL the pets had a console... that gave them an ability. (or just make one universal pet console that would fire off the pets selected special ability) the console can have its own 2min cool down or what ever like the recluse console. Tech is already in game for that.
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