Thread: KDF Loggers?
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02-21-2013, 05:14 AM
Suppose it's an error. I saw something simmilar on cmdr. lvl pvp so no consoles or super abilities, and MES/cloak are easy to recognize. Sometimes KDFers were simply vanishing just to either appear a somewhere else (not far away) a second later (to fast for this to be log off/log in). Pretty pissing when you are abot to press space. It's not dependant on the hull or shield level. Sometimes it happens on beginning of the fight.

I saw it only in Arena, never in Ker'rat or C&H, but I thought it's my GPU going crazy and ignored it. And it was only happening on ships with cloak. Never saw non-Klingon ships doing it. Only Raptors, BoPs, K'T'Ingas etc. Gorn and Nausicaan ships never done this.

Some cloak bug?

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