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02-21-2013, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by chillee View Post
I understand the frustration, but I cannot understand how you don't break 10k per shot.
I likely have APA3, APB1 going, while cycling my EPtS3 (x2) and EPtW1 (x2) and going through the use of a weapon battery, FOMM3, and TF2 and then firing the Spinal Lance.

I minimally do about 20K per shot, I've done just under 44K/shot without having to crit. I've critical'd at 65K each in the past.

Hope that helps.
Highlighted the important part.

APA is a serious crutch. I know its a captain ability but its to other captain abilities what the JHAS is to a NX Enterprise. Unbelievable superior. It gives a bigger damage boost that APO, a bigger turn rate boost than APO, loads of crit %, loads of crit severity and lasts TWICE AS LONG. Worst of all it doesnt share a cooldown with any other attack pattern so you can stack them!

I wish my Engineer had a skill that dwarfed every other engineering ability in the game. Best we get is Miracle Worker which is effectively an Engineering Team 3 + Science Team 3 without the debuff removal on a 3 minute cooldown.

I know tactical captains are the "damage dealers" but the gap between them and everyone else is far too big. Hell their FOMM is a better version of science captains Sensor Scan (One of their best powers).