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02-21-2013, 04:28 AM
Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
You say that like its a bad thing or some potential future, when in fact we all already are the same. We're all human players using tactical, engineer, and science captains, blasting Borg or Tholians or whatever. The only difference is interface colors and what skins we use while doing so, plus a few minor ship stat differences and a few consoles. Ultimately we're all doing the same thing day after day, so who cares what gadgets get mixed and matched?

And misunderstand this isn't me being simply dismissive of the KDF. I'm dismissive of the entire concept of factions altogether. We're all playing the same game, with a 'story' thats a nonsensical justification to blow stuff up. Neither side is anything close to their source material, and there's nothing here to encourage loyalty to one or the other. And yet we get people who seem to have decided that for some reason their side is 'better' or have decided that they're owed something or that they're special, then use that as justfication to stomp around being hostile to other players because their HUDs are a different color. We're all just players, and this faux tribalism doesn't do anything useful, just start fights (as this thread has so clearly demonstrated). There's nothing here worth fighting over. Let the Feds use the Plasmonic Leech, led the Klingons drive the Kumari, who freaking cares?
We're all simple freighter captains endlessly ferrying cargo for our PWE overlords. Sounds a bit eerily like the last mission they released does it not? *Waits for Richard Castillo to approach. Waiting. Still waiting...Dammit.*
All cloaks should be canon.