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Originally Posted by superhombre777 View Post
Your story was very good.

Favorite line: "The Risan porno star?" No explanation necessary.

Least favorite line: "What was your position aboard the Kumari?" she enquired, taking the PADD which Kincaid offered her, and glanced at the screen, and the cheerful, auburn-haired officer upon it, considerably different to the statuesque elegance which the Royal Protocol had created in its restructuring of Eleven's body. This says an awful lot for one sentence. But I didn't remember the Royal Protocol, so you got me when it comes to trivia.

My own entry is still a work in progress. I'm trying to not kill off anyone.
Thanks, and I can see what you mean. I have a bad habit for run-on sentences, so I've smoothed that out, as well as placing it at the correct timeframe (Hard for the Doctor to have called up the bio before given her name ) As for killing off people, I go by the Babylon 5 yardstick that no one is gauranteed to make it to the credits

[Edit to add]
I forgot to address your point about the Royal Protocol. It was something I'd only read about in reference, but thought explained the multiple Borg Queens perfectly. I wanted to use a drone which had been so extensively modified that it would be impossible to be de-assimilated, and couldn't think of a better example of extreme modification

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