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I love the STO forums, i see soooo many diverse players with many different opinions, advice, and criticisms. Most though tend to come from the Fed side.


I see KDF players who are feeling down because the Feds are getting yet more toys to play with, but I am willing to bet my war targ that after the magic has worn off, and their silly Andorian vessels are still being blasted to pieces by the KDF elite, then they will soon be crying again on the forums, ...buff this and add that..., you mark my words.

The KDF dont cry, we don't need to be receiving new ships all the time, because we perfected our ship craft eons ago!

Look at the most sought after ship in the KDF, the B'rel BoP. It is the second oldest Klink ship (D7 being the oldest chronologically) and it is the oldest BoP. Why is it so desirable? because it rocks! The design is perfect, the flight speed and turn rate are awesome, not to mention the advanced battle cloak! The Feds absolutely hate it, and will NEVER have anything like it.

When you look at their special/unique weapons, ours are just as good, if not better, for example:

They have a Dreadnought Crusier with a spinal lance, and we have the devastating Siege Destroyer, which makes their lance weapon look like a urine stream.

So, we needn't worry about what toys the Feds get, because no matter how many toys they get, we will still be better, and they will still cry.


Feds have more clothing options, simply because they are all Girls. We KDF, are about honour, and winning the battle, not losing in "style"! Seriously, if your part of the KDF, and you want some nice pretty items of clothing to wear, then you had better defect to the Feds. I'm sure they would welcome you, and you can share Tribble breeding tips, or chat about the color of Uhura's underwear or something.

Why do we have limited options of clothing? its because we are KDF!! It is there to look menacing, not to look "cute". Has anyone else noticed that you cant put a skirt on female Klingon officers? Why would i want one of my bridge officers in a skirt? i want them looking terrifying, not flirtatious!

Clothing options? Pah! We don't need them! (besides, i dont think my Jem'Hadar Boff would appreciate me making him look pretty!)

Summary (so far)

The KDF are considered to be "the alien trash of the galaxy" according to Star Fleet, so we must show the Feds that we are not trash. We are the scourge, the terror, the conquerers, and we must make sure that any girl and their pretty Fed ship do not pass along peacefully. Go to Ker'rat, and terrorise them, Go PvP and blow them to smithereens. Be proud to have what we have, and be proud to be part of the KDF.

Oh, and remember, if you see any Feds Poncing around in there shiny new andorian ship in PvP, ensure to give them special attention with every available weapon, so we can laugh at them when they cry again!

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