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02-21-2013, 05:24 AM
Originally Posted by nanb0554 View Post
You want to know what they are wasting their time on also? Take a look at this:

1) Some in in chat starts unrelated video game chat. WoW for example, I say "That game is not good". - They reply "you are talking out of your ASS" - I reply "I am an alien, all my holes are connected, so yes".

2) I then get a mail today (this is a conversation about 3 days to a week old) saying I get a WARNING due to a ticket this sensitive troll put in (baby like community). The in GAME email from dev team highlighted my phrase I used in chat... obviously being an alien with an inner connected digestive system is offensive.

3) Yes, catering to babies whith credit cards, so that they get superior chat options is the PRIORITY of this company. What is interesting is that a huge crap storm of chat topics came up, super vulgar, and I joined in, and not a single warning. So this is proof it is not what the content or what you say is important, it is the credit card standing of the complainer that is important. What a waste of Dev time. FIX BUGS, NOT BAN CHAT! As it is, every one has an assign duty officers bug (have to go to bridge) and my buddy got stuck in the terrain.
The GM's are not the Devs. The are two totally different group of people so no development time was wasted.

they will also not tell people who they have warned. so yes you got a warning. you will never know if anybody else gets a warning as its private.

it has nothing to do with peoples credits cards.

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