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02-21-2013, 05:26 AM
Thank you dertylon, shadowfang and hussere!!

Dan has posted an apology in the Fleet Marks thread which makes interesting reading.

Whilst the apology is welcome to some (personally, I don't feel he needed to apologise, he needed to explain) it still doesn't address the issue of communication between the Devs and the player-base and gives no indication that Dan or Cryptic intends to address this.

Essentially, Cryptic is working in a vacuum, using only their metrics to guide them on the largest update this game has seen. Staff are working long hours, some of it, it seems unpaid - and yet, whatever it is they intend to deliver in May, it'll be without any feedback from the community until it's on Tribble.

And we all saw how that went with Season 7.

I don't want to see the Devs efforts belittled or ignored in a storm of protest when Season 8 goes live because of choices made that unfairly impact the players - but as with Season 7, that's exactly what will happen if feedback and opinion is ignored.

If you'd like greater transparency and communication between the players and the developers of this game whose salaries you pay, please make your voice heard by joining the Disenchanted. Thank you.
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