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02-21-2013, 06:40 AM
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Ok so the Vesta rolled around and now the Andorian escort to the Cstore... and no Klink mirror of either, as with the oddy pack.

Here is the solution Cryptic.

The Bird Of Prey.
My thoughts exactly

Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
really though when we see the great concern for balance shown with the vesta and now the Kumari it does make all the old school klinkers chuckle. No balance concerns when it involves fed ship design... move along.

/snip lovely OP ship design

The Bop DESERVES a ensign slot... another console... and a third rear weapon point.
Sorry but the full uni design is paid for in Hull and shield numbers in spades.

This idea would give you something you could literly WHIP out as I think most of the code exists... the models already exist... and frankly it would sell as well as any of the fed ships you have spent so much more time on.
That would be swell, and yes the BoP deserves a bump. However, just as with the Galaxy, making a useful BoP will never happen. The ship is too iconic, so in the long run, no-one would be truly compelled to make further ship purchases. Hence, these ships that everybody wants to fly need to remain weak.

I have very bad predictions about my beloved romulan warbird. But even with the BO layout of the T3 Galaxy, and the hull and shields of the bop. It the one ship i really want to fly.

Is it may yet?
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