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..Yeah...I think I'll stay silent, grab a six pack of bloodcola and a tub of Orion fried Gacht and watch the fireworks from my cloaked bop...

I don't think its unreasonable.

The Klingon escorts have always been miss handled by cryptic... the raptor was always bad and mostly hated... the naus ships where fun but in the end no exactly fantastic ships... and bottom line they didn't feel Klingon which I believe effected there sales by a large margin.

The klingon escort ships half always been terrible... 1 they are very un klink. I am not even sure what the raptor is... not only is it a pretty meh design in game its ugly... and I would bet sales of items for the fleet versions would reflect that. The naus ships don't get me started they are solid escorts... but they are so very un klink.

The bird of prey is Iconic... and it would sell like all Iconic ships do. For every Fan that is willing to dish out $ for a Hot dog and paper plate iconic fed ship... there is at least one that loves the Industrial Light and magic Bird of Prey so much they will also drop some $. Its to bad the Hegh is so ugly... a classic b'rel model is the real Made for Mr. Nimoy, Mcoy. Still that ship exists end game so I think the Hegh is the likely skin to use.