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My thoughts exactly

That would be swell, and yes the BoP deserves a bump. However, just as with the Galaxy, making a useful BoP will never happen. The ship is too iconic, so in the long run, no-one would be truly compelled to make further ship purchases. Hence, these ships that everybody wants to fly need to remain weak.

I have very bad predictions about my beloved romulan warbird. But even with the BO layout of the T3 Galaxy, and the hull and shields of the bop. It the one ship i really want to fly.

Is it may yet?
Indeed I see your point... if you can uber Enterprise why do you want that fuggly ferengi one... ect.

Of course the best bop models are already used by the fleet versions... The B'rel hands down the best best, and the first bop design. Is already in use. The Norg which looks like an updated B'rel is also used. Leaves the Hegh a Cryptic abomination verison of the bop design... that still looks bop enough to be called one... but again it isn't really The ILM bop is it.

I don't know they can't do up a raptor... no one is ever going to drop $ on a raptor... and with no seeming plan to do much with the Klink faction (for sure if romms really are coming) what harm could it really do to there future sales. Besides we all know Cryptic is all about the quick $.
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