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02-21-2013, 06:16 AM
There is also the fact that, according to Tumerboy, devs deal with a lot of low level tasks that are done automatically for us. For instance, we add an npc group from a list of available templates. A dev has to track down an npc group encounter that's been created before, pull it from the previous map, place it in the new map make sure all the properties and settings are properly linked in the new map, etc. We don't deal with anything like hooking up npc AI behavior scripts. For them it's a necessary step as it gives them the freedom to create custom behavior to fit the encounter, but it also adds work to each and every encounter they make.

That said, it takes me months to put together a good, custom-map foundry mission, so the fact that it takes the devs a while to do the same doesn't surprise me.


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