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02-21-2013, 07:21 AM
What I feel a lot of people seem to not realize is that the three iconic Fed ships of the TNG era: Intrepid, Galaxy, and Defiant, are meant to be the...pure ships of their class. As such, they are probably never going to get changed accordingly. The Defiant will always have 8 tac BOFF abilities, the Galaxy 8 eng, and the Intrepid 8 sci.

It's worth noting that all three as well get 5 consoles in their respective area at the Fleet level too.

Because of that, I don't believe they will ever change the BOFF layouts of those three ships.

Now the Gal-X, especially a Fleet version, I could totally see getting a better BOFF layout.

The Gal-R, I wouldn't mind seeing some enhancements to. I probably wouldn't fly it personally, but it doesn't mean others wouldn't. Anywho, another in-direct solution is also that we need more Ensign level BOFF (and engineering ones in general) abilities that DON'T share so many blasted cooldowns with each other. Those things alone act as a big hit on the effectiveness, and if there were less shared cooldowns, and/or more abilities, it'd go a long way right there.

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